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At the cornerstone of every search is Dynamics’ wholehearted commitment to diversity, equality, and the inclusion of individuals of different backgrounds, ensuring the creation of an open-minded workforce.

The success of our practice stems from the enduring relationships and partnerships we have formed with our clients and candidates. These strong relationships serve as the foundation of our business, enabling us to build an extensive network of industry professionals, garner unsurpassed industry insight, and offer a robust level of services that evolve in tandem with the alternative investment industry.


Of the firms Dynamics partners with have chosen to reengage with us in ad-hoc hiring processes, or year-over-year through recruitment cycles. By forging strategic partnerships with a select group of high caliber firms, Dynamics has consistently provided a robust level of client service that keeps our clients coming back.

This unique approach allows us to design and execute customized searches for our clients that are organized, thorough, transparent, and effective. We are involved at every stage of the search process and strive to add value beyond the process by providing market insight and guidance in a dynamic market environment.


Dynamics Search Partners thinks it’s imperative that year after year we develop a better understanding of market trends and compensation ranges across all levels and investing strategies. Using our extensive candidate and client pool as a resource we collect anonymous responses to key compensation questions and produce a yearly Private Equity, Hedge Fund and Investment Banking Compensation Report.

If you have any questions regarding compensation, or you would like to receive a copy of a report please contact


When I think back to 1999, Dynamics Search Partners was just an idea. Back then, the world of search looked quite different than it does today, with far fewer tools, technology, and systems in place. Although many thought it would be crazy to launch another buy-side recruiting firm, I was fortunate to be able to do so with the support of my former boss and family, and Dynamics Search Partners officially launched in 2008.

Our team was small, but our drive and motivation was huge. There were many late nights and sacrifices made by my staff, but with persistence and hard work, we were able to break into the alternative investments recruiting space. Our end goal was always to be an all-encompassing buy-side recruiting firm, by expanding slowly and steadily. I felt that understanding the nuances of one specific industry was important before moving onto the next. We sought to build the type of firm that would be a true partner to our clients; one that understands not only our clients’ strategies, but their values and cultures. A firm that would be built on the principles of transparency, integrity, communication, and deep research.

Fast forward to today, and we are a team of twenty employees. Our expertise now stretches across all geographies, experience levels, and areas within the buy-side. We now specialize in recruiting for private equity, venture capital, growth equity, endowments, foundations, family offices, and hedge funds. We successfully fill over 300 mandates annually, and continue to pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have developed. The recruiting landscape today is densely populated, but we haven’t shifted from our original values. Whether a client has partnered with us for over a decade, or our relationship is just beginning, we maintain the same level of service and appreciation for each and every client. Our mindset is aligned with the industry that we recruit for; we are focused on absolute performance. We view all candidate interactions through the same lens of gratitude, aiming to build long lasting relationships and partnering with candidates throughout the entirety of their careers.

As we look to the future, we hope we can continue to develop these relationships and build strategic partnerships. We are constantly exploring ways to improve, innovate, face challenges with creative solutions, and adapt to the new and ever-evolving recruiting environment.

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